Man, 60, accused after woman serious hurt in Alliance crash

ALLIANCE ‒  A 60-year-old guy from Jefferson County has been charged with three traffic offences, one of which is a felony, in connection with a car accident on Tuesday that seriously hurt an 83-year-old woman.

The defendant was charged in Alliance Municipal Court on Wednesday with not stopping after an accident, hindering a criminal probe, and not giving a pedestrian in a crosswalk the right of way.

A police report sent to the court said that the charge of not stopping after an accident was a crime because the victim was hurt so badly. The lawsuit said that she had three broken ribs and two broken ankles and may have had other injuries inside her body as well. It said that she had a few cuts and scrapes that were bleeding a lot because she was on blood thinners.

The suspect, who is from the area around Amsterdam, hit the woman as she crossed East Market Street and South Arch Avenue late Tuesday morning.

In the police report, it says that uniformed officers at the scene asked the defendant if he had seen anything, and he said that he had not. The complaint said that this made it hard for cops to do their jobs while they were looking into the crash.

“The defendant failed to provide his information to officers on scene or anyone else even though he was still present as firefighters and police arrived on scene,” the complaint said. “Then he left the scene without ever providing any information or admitting to being involved.”

The defendant, who was driving a silver Jeep Cherokee, could be seen on film from a security camera, which helped the police find him.

Thursday, the suspect was caught. He is supposed to go to court on Friday.

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