Michigan Man Dies After Bouncers Hold Him Down Outside Bar

On Saturday, a man from Michigan passed away after bouncers reportedly restrained him outside a bar. When the authorities arrived, the man was found to be unresponsive.

In the early hours of Saturday morning at around 2:11 a.m., security guards were holding down a man following a “large fight” at the Roche Bar in Port Huron when the police were called to the scene. Upon arriving, officers discovered the man to be unresponsive.

According to a press release by the Port Huron Police Department, officers took prompt action in providing life-saving measures to 26-year-old Joshua Conant until paramedics arrived. Sadly, Conant was declared dead after being transported to the hospital.

According to the Michigan State Police, an investigation is underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. It may take several months for them to gather all the necessary information and determine what exactly occurred.

According to the Times Herald , Lieutenant Kim Vetter, who serves as the public information officer for Michigan State Police’s Third District, stated that it would take some time before any answers could be provided regarding the incident. She explained that the investigation involves reviewing camera footage, conducting interviews with witnesses, and awaiting autopsy results.

The investigation was handed over to the state police after Conant passed away while in the custody of Port Huron police. While the Port Huron Police Criminal Investigative Division and Major Crimes Unit are providing assistance, the state police will also be conducting a review of the officers’ actions.

Upon reviewing witness videos, it is evident that multiple security guards were restraining Conant outside of the bar in the early hours of Saturday morning.

According to FOX 2, the scene was chaotic with over 50 people present, filming with their phones and shouting at the police officers. Witness Patty James reported that bystanders were pleading for the officers to remove the restraints and accusing them of killing the suspect. Despite their protests, the officers persisted and even warned the suspect to stop resisting, which witnesses claimed was impossible since he was not even breathing at that point.

Tech IV Heating employee Conant is remembered by his employer, Robert Ruffolo, as a kind-hearted individual who was always willing to lend a hand to others. Ruffolo drew a comparison between Conant’s tragic passing and the death of George Floyd, who was killed when a police officer in Minneapolis restrained him by the neck.

According to the Herald, Ruffolo expressed that he now understands the reason behind the riots that occurred after the death of an African American man in Minnesota. He stated, “I see why those people rioted when that African American man died in Minnesota, I get it now, I never did before.”

On Monday morning, the NAACP’s Port Huron Branch issued a statement demanding a thorough and transparent investigation. The organization emphasized the need for justice and the community’s growing demand for it. The statement reads, “There is a loud outcry for justice that will only continue to grow within the Port Huron community until we are satisfied that justice has been served.”

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