Hit and run driver caught on video pulling body from car’s hood two miles after crashing into victim

According to Ring camera footage, a driver involved in a hit-and-run accident pulled a motionless body out of his windshield before quickly smoking a cigarette and fleeing the scene. The disturbing sequence of events highlights the callous disregard for human life exhibited by the driver.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the body of a 28-year-old man named Franklin Mendez was discovered by the police on a road in Maryland. The authorities were alerted to the situation and upon arriving at the scene found that Mendez had passed away. The incident is currently under investigation.

According to a report by Fox affiliate WTTG, Mendez was believed to have stopped his car and stepped out around 4am in Hyattsville, a suburb of Washington D.C., following a separate accident. It was at this point that he was struck by another vehicle. Doorbell footage captured by a nearby resident showed the driver of the vehicle pulling Mendez’s body from the windshield before driving away.

According to the police, the suspect continued driving for approximately two miles after his body crashed through the driver’s window before finally stopping to evaluate his condition.

As he pulled up in front of a house, he noticed a Ring camera in place. Despite this, he proceeded with his callous actions without a second thought.

It wasn’t until the victim was spotted by the neighbor who owned the camera that authorities were finally alerted and called to the scene.

The neighbor, whose name was not disclosed, informed the reporters that the individual’s attire was missing from the waist down.

As soon as the police arrived, we reviewed the footage from the camera. To our surprise, it showed that the perpetrator had entered the premises around 4 or 5 in the morning.

According to her account, the driver appeared to be familiar with the area and deliberately drove at a leisurely pace after coming to a stop. She also mentioned that he seemed to know his way around the neighborhood.

“She mentioned that he strolled around the area for a few minutes,” she recounted.

As I gazed out of my window, I witnessed a man light a cigarette before abruptly making a U-turn right in front of my house.

A small cross and a bouquet of flowers now mark the location where Mendez’s body was discovered.

As of now, the Prince George County officials have not yet disclosed any details about the culprit. However, they are actively searching for an older version of a gray Honda Civic that has a damaged front windshield.

It is also believed that there may be some denting in the front bumper.

Over $2,000 has been raised through a GoFundMe campaign aimed at covering the costs of a funeral.

According to the Spanish-speaking organizer, they were not equipped to cover the costs of the memorial service and sought assistance from the community.

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