Young Teacher Was Found Dead In A Car Trunk

Mocobizscene-Inside a Quartz Hill residence, firefighters discovered a deceased schoolteacher crammed into the burned-out trunk of a car on Wednesday.

Around 8:20 a.m., according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, detectives discovered the body in the 41400 block of 38th West Street in Quartz Hill. Just prior to the incident, neighbors reported hearing an explosion and a woman screaming.

Dead teacher found stuffed in the trunk of a burned car

KCAL News interviewed a man who claimed to be the young schoolteacher’s uncle. He described her as a peaceful Quartz Hill native who was 27 years old, however he would not reveal her identity. In Palmdale, she was an elementary school teacher. When she failed to arrive for work, the school called her family.

According to the uncle, his niece and his partner had been dating for around a year. He knew very little about the individual.

According to our neighbours, the house belonged to her lover, who rented out rooms to other tenants. The homeowner is still being sought after by investigators. He hasn’t gotten in touch with them yet.

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