Woman pleads guilty to kidnapping twins, leaving one at airport and the other in car for 3 days

Ohio- This Monday, a 25-year-old woman entered a guilty plea in federal court for kidnapping twins, aged five months, who were left in a running car and leaving one of the infants near an airport.

After pleading guilty to two charges of kidnapping a minor, Nalah Jackson will serve 20 years in prison, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio.

Jackson left Columbus’ Donato’s Pizza around ten o’clock at night on December 19, 2022, and fled in a Honda Accord, leaving the two kids in the back seat. According to reports, the mother of the kids was inside the pizza place picking up a delivery order. Jackson drove around western and central Ohio after stealing the vehicle.

On December 20, at around three in the morning, Jackson pulled up to Dayton International Airport, parked the car in a parking, and entered the terminal. According to reports, she attempted to find the Honda by calling an Uber but was unable to pay for it. Later on, Jackson found the car, but not before removing one of the twins and leaving him in the parking lot. The little boy was found “in his car seat wrapped in a quilt between two vehicles” by someone in the parking lot.

Jackson and the other twin took off quickly from the airport parking lot and made their way to Indianapolis. She got there on December 20 at about eight in the morning and got out of the car. Jackson left the baby buckled up in his car seat inside the car.

The toddler was left in the car for two and a half days.

The U.S. attorney’s office claims that a lady gave Jackson a lift to a shopping mall while selling stolen goods at a fueling station. According to reports, the woman gave Jackson her phone number in case she decided to resale any goods. Subsequently, the woman supposedly came across news articles and social media posts regarding Jackson’s purported kidnapping of the youngsters. Following her call to her cousin, they arranged to “meet up with Jackson to confirm her identity, recover the infant if possible, and lead Jackson to law enforcement.”

On December 22, the woman and her cousin met with Jackson and named her as the suspect. “All the while discreetly attempting to contact law enforcement in Columbus and Indianapolis,” according to reports, they took her to malls throughout Indianapolis.”

In the end, they managed to get in contact with the police, who detained Jackson on suspicion of kidnapping.

Despite the dangerous weather caused by a snowfall, the women go out to find the youngster. After pulling into a pizza parking lot, they saw the Honda Accord parked close by. According to the U.S. attorney’s office, snow had already covered the car. When they got to the car in a hurry and opened the driver’s door, they discovered a “overwhelming foul smell.”

One of the two women cried out, believing the infant had passed away, even though he was not making any noise. The women brought the weeping infant out of the car and started tending to him when he started crying after hearing the scream.

After spotting an empty Indianapolis Police cruiser, they looked for the cops at surrounding businesses. The boy was taken to the hospital by authorities as soon as they turned over the child in a Papa John’s Pizza. The youngster had severe diaper rash, severe dehydration, irregular heartbeat, and deteriorating skin from spending three days in his car seat.

One of the twins passed away on January 28, 2023, almost one month after the abduction. Ky’air Thomas was placed on a bed face-down with “excess bedding and pillows,” according to the Franklin County Coroner’s Office, which made for a dangerous sleeping environment. He had just finished a meal and was unsupervised.

According to the statement, “It is well documented that infants under the age of 8 months have limited strength in the neck musculature to reposition their airway when encountering possible obstructions.”

His manner of death was recorded as uncertain since the coroner was unable to confirm or rule out oxygen deprivation as the cause of death. “With other significant conditions including unsafe sleep environment; post-prandial infant placed facedown, unsupervised, on an adult bed, surrounded by excess pillows and blankets,” was listed as the cause of death in addition to sudden unexplained infant death syndrome.

No signs of trauma, foul play, abuse, or neglect were present.

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