Family of Officer Kennis Croom speaks out following sentencing of his alleged killer

Years later, the family of fallen Officer Kennis Croom has finally found peace.

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The Meridian Police Department aims to pay tribute to their fallen officer, Kennis Croom, also known as Dr. Kelvin Croom.

A man convicted of murdering Kennis Croom, a police officer from Mississippi and a native of Tuscaloosa, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Dante Bender has been sentenced to life without parole after pleading guilty to capital murder charges.

In June 2022, Croom lost his life in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call.

The family of officer Kennis Croom expressed their relief and a sense of closure following Bender’s sentencing on Wednesday.

Dr. Kelvin Croom, the father of Officer Croom, expressed his perspective on the matter, emphasizing the significance of closure. While recognizing that nothing can bring his son Kennis back to life, he believes that there are actions that can be taken to uphold his legacy.

Croom expressed how difficult it has been to cope with the absence of his son, emphasizing the pain he feels on a daily basis. In a heartfelt message directed towards the individual responsible for the loss, he shared his thoughts.

Croom expressed her hope that while in prison, the individual would find a way to contribute positively. Acknowledging their poor decision and the resulting consequences, she encouraged them to use their time behind bars to make amends and help others in their journey of self-improvement.

Croom expressed her concern about the absence of the person they were looking for at events and similar occasions. She emphasized the impact it had on his children, who were left without a father.

The children of officer Croom are now faced with the challenge of moving forward in their lives without their father, all due to the actions taken in June 2022.

Croom expressed his sadness when great accomplishments are made and everyone is present except for their father. However, he reassures that they understand their father’s presence in spirit.

Each child will come to know the man their father was through others, despite his inability to be present with them.

Croom expressed her heartfelt commitment to ensuring that her children are fully aware of their father’s love and presence in their lives. She finds it truly remarkable that even the three youngest children have vivid memories of him.

The Croom family is now dedicating their time to honoring Kennis in a way that he would have been proud of – by giving back.

The Croom family established a scholarship foundation in his honor.

Dr. Kelvin Croom has set a noble objective of granting students scholarships worth a minimum of $45,000 as a tribute to his late son.

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