Victim of assault in Long Beach demands tougher charges against the Suspect

The victim of a recent attack in Long Beach, where a man exposed himself and shoved her to the ground, is urging the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to reconsider the misdemeanor charges against the perpetrator. She believes that harsher penalties should be imposed on the suspect for his heinous crime.

“I believe he should face charges for attempted rape as he was in the act of trying to rape me,” Rebekah Pedersen stated in an interview with NBC4, referring to the incident that occurred on October 20th.”

As captured by surveillance footage, Miguel Avila, aged 30, approached Pedersen from behind during the day and shamelessly lifted her skirt while pressing his groin against her. The assault was interrupted by a bystander who pepper-sprayed Avila, causing him to flee the scene.

Dan McIntyre, who had been sitting outside a nearby business, witnessed the attack on Pedersen and described the assailant as looking “possessed.” According to McIntyre, it was an unpleasant sight. However, he didn’t hesitate to come to Pedersen’s aid, using pepper spray to subdue the suspect.

On October 20th, a man lifted a woman’s dress from behind and exposed himself as she walked on a sidewalk in Long Beach. Fortunately, a witness intervened by using pepper spray, which led to the attacker’s arrest. Currently, he is being held on a $1,000 bail. Mekahlo Medina reported this incident for NBC4 News.

After the assault, Avila was taken into custody for suspicion of sexual battery. The district attorney’s office released a statement to NBC4, stating that they will be conducting a thorough investigation of the case.

In a statement released, it was revealed that the Long Beach City Prosecutor had shared their opinion on the matter. The case had been thoroughly reviewed before, but with the addition of new information, the head deputy of the Sex Crimes Division will be re-examining the evidence and interviewing a witness who was discovered after the initial decision was made. This step will help determine if any felony charges can be proven.

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