Street takeover involvement leads to felony charge for 19-year-old

A street takeover that caused traffic to come to a halt in Downtown Cincinnati has led to the arrest of a man who was involved in the incident. Currently, the man is in police custody.

Street takeovers have become increasingly common, where a group of people block traffic at an intersection while drivers perform donuts and burnouts.

Nineteen-year-old Phillip Alwell has been arrested by Cincinnati police on Wednesday for his alleged participation in the street takeover that took place on River Road on October 15th.

According to Daniel Simpson, an eyewitness to the incident, many people were delighted to see it. He observed the onlookers and noticed their excitement about what was happening.

The charge against Alwell is now a felony for inducing panic, as per his arrest report. Additionally, he is accused of aiding in the blocking of the roadway to prevent drivers from passing.

Simpson expressed his frustration at the sight of people performing doughnuts and blocking the streets after a long day at work. He opined that such activities were never a good thing.

The Cincinnati City Council has given its stamp of approval to Ohio House Bill 56, which proposes tougher penalties for individuals engaging in street takeovers and fleeing from law enforcement. This move signifies the city’s commitment to promoting safety and security on its streets by ensuring that those who engage in such dangerous and reckless activities are held accountable for their actions.

According to Simpson, he comprehends the rationale behind imposing stricter penalties. However, he also expresses his desire to have a specific location where car enthusiasts can gather and engage in their passion without endangering the safety of others.

He stated that the attraction has the potential to draw in more people, and as long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone, he doesn’t see any major issues with it. On Thursday, a judge is set to hear from the 19-year-old suspect.

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