Three Men Arrested for Glendale Home Burglaries: Residents Warned

Mocobizscene- Three guys who are suspected of breaking into homes have been taken into custody by the Glendale Police Department in California. The accused are 31-year-old Juan Eduardo Salomon Castro, 30-year-old Francisco Alegria of Reseda, and 33-year-old Felipe Leivasolis of Los Angeles.

The Glendale Police Department conducted a comprehensive investigation before making an arrest. The Glendale Police Residential Burglary Taskforce in Los Angeles was responsible for the arrests. Despite their best efforts, two suspects were apprehended.

An over-month-long investigation comes to an end with the arrests. The culprits are believed to have committed multiple burglaries in Glendale, as well as maybe other locations. Technology, video surveillance, and witness accounts all contributed to the culprits’ identification and apprehension.

Chief of Police for Glendale Manny Cid gave the involved officers and detectives high marks. He reaffirmed the department’s commitment to community safety and promised to keep using all available resources to neutralize threats.

The suspects are being held at Glendale City Jail while a magistrate decides. Leivasolis is wanted on a $100,000 warrant for robbery in Burbank in addition to the burglary allegations. The Glendale Police Department urges residents to remain vigilant and report any information regarding house invasions.

Established in 1906, the Glendale Police Department employs 400 people, including roughly 250 policemen. It is committed to ensuring public safety via professional, proactive police and collaborative community partnerships. Emergency response, law enforcement, traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, community policing, and city jail management are among its responsibilities.

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