Texas Court Sentences Washington Man to 40 Years in Prison for Serial Molestation

A 26-year-old Washington man who admitted to molesting “numerous” teenage girls was given a 40-year prison sentence for repeatedly sexually abusing a minor.

In a news release on Wednesday, Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced that Lake Stevens, Washington resident Patrick William Travis, 26, had been found guilty of sexual assault and indecency with a minor via touch.

Willis said in the news release, “This child molester (Travis) preyed upon not just one, not just two, but multiple victims.” And for that, he should get not just the maximum penalty possible for each offense, but also serve out each sentence consecutively, amounting to a total of 40 years behind bars.

Willis claims that during the course of a year, Travis “multiple times” sexually abused the victim, starting when the victim was 13 years old. The victim told a teacher about the abuse. The instructor reported it to the police.

While investigating that case, investigators found that Travis had sexually abused another teenager, according to Willis. Following that, Travis said that he had mistreated “numberous females” when they were in the 13 to 16 age range. Jennifer Edgeworth, the case’s judge, chose the punishment.

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