Santa Claus Accompanied By DC Police, Receives A Code3 Escort Throughout The District

Mocobizscene-Santa Claus paid a special visit to the District on Friday, accompanied by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

MPD collaborated with Code3, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering positive relationships between law enforcement officers and the community, to distribute over 4,000 gifts to children residing in disadvantaged areas during December.

“When we step into a community that is accustomed to perceiving the police in a negative light,” expressed Dale Sutherland, the visionary behind Code3. “Now, they will witness a heartwarming sight of gifts being distributed and the iconic figure of Santa Claus. This initiative brings a much-needed wave of positivity.”

“People who you wouldn’t even expect to talk to the police are waving and expressing their happiness. It instantly brings a big smile to people’s faces,” Officer David Wilkerson stated.

Five years ago, Wilkerson initiated the tradition and took on the role of Santa.

According to the speaker, it can be challenging for parents residing in the city, particularly those in lower-income neighbourhoods, to take their children to see Santa Claus due to the absence of malls in urban areas. Recognizing this issue, he decided to bring these children happiness by organizing an initiative to bring Santa Claus directly to them.

Children received various gifts, including dolls, basketballs, and footballs.

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