Police Say A Man Bites A Police Officer In San Francisco

Mocobizscene-In the Fillmore District of San Francisco, a man reportedly bit a police officer on Thursday morning. The officer had approached the man as he seemed to be in distress.

At approximately 8:49 a.m., officers engaged with the man in the vicinity of Fulton and Laguna streets and called for paramedics to assess his condition. During the interaction, the man proceeded to bite one of the officers, as reported by the police.

Both the man and the officer were transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation, according to the police. The department has not yet provided details regarding the use of force or the location of the officer’s bite.

Around 9 a.m., a reporter witnessed a scene at the intersection that involved six police SUVs, a fire engine, and an ambulance. In the midst of this activity, two individuals, one of them being an officer, were spotted kneeling over a stretcher while other officers stood nearby.

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