Parents describe their terrible loss of their son to DC and Prince George’s County carjackings.

Mocobizscene-Jacob and Antoinette Walker experience a daily fluctuation of pain, but the harsh reality of their situation is a constant reminder. Artell Cunningham, the gunman, was later killed by the police in New Carrollton after several hours.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking,” expressed Antoinette Walker in an interview with DC News Now. “The lack of sleep is overwhelming. We are struggling to comprehend the exact details of what occurred and why it happened. Moreover, we are grappling with the difficult task of explaining this tragedy to our young daughters, aged 10 and seven, who are just beginning to grasp the concept of it all. It’s simply incomprehensible.”

A.J., known by his nickname given by his parents and friends, was the heart of every gathering. He radiated a constant smile and effortlessly formed connections with people he met.

“He’s never been a fighter,” she remarked. “He’s always been a loving child. Now, I find myself having to show pictures of him to people who never knew him on a personal level.” On the dining room table of the Walker family, there are numerous photographs of their son. These pictures serve as a lasting memory of their beloved son, who recently turned 35 years old.

“He will always be remembered,” said Jacob Walker, reflecting on his son. “We will cherish the beautiful memories we shared and hold them close to our hearts.”

The photographs capture the vibrant journey of a young man embracing life in all its glory, from his early years to his adult life. They portray moments of pure joy, showcasing him donning a Santa suit, attending prom, cherishing precious moments with his children, friends, and loving parents.

According to his mother, he didn’t conduct himself in a manner, both inside and outside the home, that would justify him losing his life.

Jacob Walker shared that he had instructed his son on how to surrender his car in a potentially dangerous situation, such as a carjacking.

He expressed his perspective on the situation, stating that if one finds themselves in a similar predicament, it is advisable to simply give away the car rather than risking one’s life. He acknowledged that despite his efforts, the car failed to serve its purpose, and both he and the other party involved will have to come to terms with this outcome.

The unknown continues to haunt both parents as they express their desire to know more details.

His father expressed concern, questioning the details of the situation. “Did he lay there? Was it a quick moment or did it last longer? And most importantly, did he cry?” he inquired.

“We can no longer create new memories with him,” she expressed sorrowfully. “Now, we must cherish and embrace these precious moments we have left.”

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