Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria Detected in New York State: Caution Advised

Health officials are still issuing warnings about a rare flesh-eating bacteria that claimed the life of a resident in New York State.

According to the latest report from the CDC, residents of New York have recently contracted the uncommon illness.

Vibrio vulnificus Infections Confirmed In Three States Including New York

Between June and August 2023, the CDC discovered a minimum of 11 infections in three states: New York, Connecticut, and North Carolina.

New York witnessed the infection of at least two individuals, while North Carolina reported seven cases and Connecticut confirmed two cases.

Rare Fatal Bacterial Infection Kills Suffolk County, Long Island, New York Resident

During the summer, a tragic incident occurred in Suffolk County, New York, as Governor Kathy Hochul sadly confirmed the death of an individual shortly after they tested positive for vibriosis.

3 People Die From Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria

According to the CDC, a total of five individuals lost their lives.

According to a press release from Hochul’s Office, vibriosis is a condition caused by various bacteria species, including the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. These bacteria are naturally present in saltwater coastal environments and tend to be more concentrated from May to October when the weather is warmer. When ingested, vibriosis can lead to a variety of symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, and chills. Additionally, exposure to these bacteria can also result in ear infections and potentially life-threatening wound infections.

The CDC stated that individuals who contracted the infection had come into contact with coastal waters or consumed seafood.

According to the CDC, all of the cases occurred during “record-breaking” heat waves.

New York State Department of Health Has Issued Guidance To Providers On Best Practices To Treat And Identify Cases

The New York State Department of Health has released guidance on preventing vibriosis. You can access the recommendations by clicking here.

Giant Horror Plant

Despite the best efforts from New York officials, a dangerous plant known as the “giant horror plant” continues to exist in New York State. This plant has the potential to cause blindness and severe burns, posing a significant risk to individuals who come into contact with it.

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