Oklahoma human trafficker arrested for using phony ID for 20 years to dodge deportation

Authorities announced on Friday that a suspect human trafficker sought in Oklahoma had used a false identity to evade deportation for decades.

On October 24, Feng Jiang was apprehended in New York City on suspicion of outstanding a warrant associated with an investigation into human trafficking, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN). Later, investigators discovered that he had passed over two decades using a fictitious identity and date of birth.

“After being extradited back to Oklahoma earlier this month, a fingerprint analysis by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) determined that his real identity is Le Feng Jaing and revealed that he was issued a Final Order of Deportation in 2001 and currently has an outstanding Deportation warrant,” OBN Director Donnie Anderson stated.
In October 2022, when OBN initiated an investigation into a report regarding purported sex trafficking at a residential brothel in northwest Oklahoma City, authorities identified Jiang as a suspect.

In September, both Jiang and Lin received indictments for two counts of human trafficking. Recent allegations against Lin in Canadian County are related to an arrest that was made in connection with the distribution of ketamine.

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