Numerous gunshots captured on video in Washington DC neighborhood

Mocobizscene- Neighbours in the Hill East community are expressing their frustration after two shootings occurred within a week, happening during the middle of the day.

Multiple gunshots were heard by neighbors on Saturday afternoon near the intersection of 16th and A Streets, SE. The shooting was captured on surveillance footage by resident Adam Trister, who recorded more than a dozen shots being fired.

Video from D.C. captures sound of gunshots from nearby apartment video

Just a week before, on Friday, Jan. 19, someone shot a young person near the same intersection, shortly after 1:30 p.m.

Barry Hayman, a resident of the intersection, shared that he has become accustomed to such incidents. He has experienced gunshots near his window and witnessed domestic quarrels. Hayman further added, “I’ve heard about various incidents happening around here.”

Hayman has been living in Hill East since the 1980s. He expressed his satisfaction with the current situation, stating that it is much improved compared to the 80s when the focus was solely on combating drug addiction. However, he also expressed concern for the safety of the children in the neighborhood.

Ebony Payne, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 7D, expressed the frustration people feel because of the constant occurrence of certain issues. It seems like there’s no escape from them, and this feeling is becoming overwhelming for many individuals.

While canvassing in the neighborhood, Payne, who is currently running for the Ward 7 council seat, shared that her campaign was present at the scene when the shooting occurred on Saturday. Payne expressed his concern, stating that irrespective of the specific street one finds themselves on, there is an inherent level of risk present.

According to her, the community members are eager for better communication from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) both during and after a violent crime incident.

According to her, the lack of clear answers from the MPD regarding the closure of these cases, the delivery of justice, and the well-being of the victims has a significant impact on their daily lives. Chris London, a recent resident of the neighborhood, expressed his concern about the events that have occurred within the short span of two weeks. He emphasized his desire to shield his children from witnessing such incidents.

According to London, it is important for everyone to contribute towards reducing crime.

“We need to unite and work together to make progress,” he emphasized. “It’s concerning how easily young individuals are able to access firearms. We should consider implementing stricter gun laws, not just minor penalties but treating it as a serious felony offense.”

The MPD apprehended an individual in relation to the shooting that occurred on January 19th.

According to the police, the victim was approached by two suspects who shot him. The suspects then proceeded to search his pockets before fleeing from the scene. One of the suspects, a 19-year-old named Christ Tchakounte, has been arrested and charged with assault with intent to rob while armed. The investigation is still ongoing, and the police are actively searching for the second suspect.

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