New Jersey Police Deployed to Transport Abandoned Migrants to New York City in Drastic Action: Expressing Frustration

Mocobizscene-New Jersey officials are taking proactive measures to prevent the overflow of migrants from burdening the state. They have gone to the extent of deploying police officers to assist asylum seekers in boarding NJ Transit trains headed towards Manhattan, right after they disembark from their buses.


Amidst the tension, a dispute has arisen between New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Governor Murphy is making efforts to unite the mayors of New Jersey to address the ongoing challenges, while Mayor Adams is urging Governor Murphy to share the responsibility of accommodating the influx of migrants that is overwhelming New York City.

According to a source familiar with the situation, New Jersey has taken a bold stance on the matter. “New Jersey just said, f–k this,” the source exclaimed. It appears that New Jersey Transit cops were prepared for the situation in Secaucus, as they were waiting to guide them onto the train to New York.

According to multiple sources in New Jersey, the past few days have been quite chaotic. Nearly twenty migrant buses arrived at train stations, accompanied by “chaperones.” The NJ Transit police then took charge and acted as guides, helping approximately 1,000 asylum seekers cross the river.

No migrants have chosen to stay in Jersey, indicating the success of the process thus far.

According to data reviewed by The Post, 1,017 asylum seekers have been dropped off in New Jersey by 23 buses since Saturday. Out of these, 953 individuals boarded trains into Manhattan, while the remaining individuals went to other destinations.

Last week, Adams made a significant move by issuing an executive order to restrict the arrival of migrant buses from the border, predominantly originating from Texas. This development adds a new dimension to the ongoing crisis.

Adams insisted on receiving a 32-hour notice prior to the buses’ arrival in Manhattan. Furthermore, the buses are only allowed to park at a designated area on West 41st Street, and this is permitted only between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

Charter bus companies found a way around the restrictions imposed by Mayor Adams by leaving hundreds of migrants at various train stations in New Jersey. These stations, such as Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison, and Trenton, are not subject to Adams’ order. From there, the migrants are directed onto trains heading towards Manhattan.

According to Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy of New York City, the Adams administration made consistent efforts to communicate with “every town” along the transit line in order to prevent any surprises for the suburban areas.

Local government officials in Jersey were caught off guard by the news, as they claimed they received no prior notice.

City Hall spokesperson, Kayla Mamelak, acknowledged that it was impossible to predict Governor Abbott’s choice of migrant destinations prior to the issuance of the order. She emphasized the importance of their ongoing outreach efforts to other localities. Adams has been urging other nearby municipalities that have easy access to the Big Apple to join his fight in issuing orders that limit the arrival times. Unfortunately, his pleas have been ignored by the other municipalities.

According to staff members, he had plans to have a phone conversation with Murphy this week. However, neither party has confirmed whether or not the conversation actually took place.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Murphy informed reporters that his state would persist in directing migrants to Manhattan. He emphasized that New York City is the preferred destination due to the presence of federal support and readily available resources.

He expressed confidence that the situation is under control and anticipates it will remain manageable.

The Empire State might be taken aback by Murphy’s remarks on federal aid, considering that Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul have been tirelessly urging the White House for assistance in handling the crisis.

Local officials in New Jersey expressed their concerns about their limited capacity to handle the influx of migrants.

Secaucus Town Administrator Gary Jeffas expressed his confusion, stating, “It’s difficult to comprehend.”

Jeffas expressed concerns about the logistics of managing buses traveling into the train station. He questioned how they would know when the buses would arrive so they could have staff on hand to redirect them if necessary. Jeffas emphasized that a solution would need to go beyond the current system in Secaucus.

According to sources, Adams allegedly attempted to persuade Murphy to issue an executive order resembling the one he successfully implemented in New York City. However, during a conference call between New Jersey state and local officials on Wednesday, the idea was not even discussed.

Jeffas expressed that the transportation system in New Jersey is distinct, particularly with the buses that arrive and drop off passengers at the local train stations. He noted that in their area, any bus that enters the train station must be halted.

He added, “How can we determine their arrival time so that we can have people ready to reject them? Unfortunately, we don’t have centers that operate round the clock.”

According to Jeffas, even if they desired to, they lack jurisdiction, as it rightfully belongs to Murphy and the lawmakers in Trenton.

Since the spring of 2022, approximately 162,000 migrants have made their way to New York City. This influx of people has placed a significant strain on the city’s shelters and finances, leading City Hall to make difficult decisions and cut back on services. The crisis has presented numerous challenges that need to be addressed.

Many of the migrants are coming from Texas, as Governor Greg Abbott has been transporting them to sanctuary cities such as New York and Chicago.

Earlier this week, Abbott proudly announced on the internet that he had already dispatched 95,000 asylum seekers to the north, with 33,600 of them being sent to New York since August 2022. He expressed his determination to continue this course of action.

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