New Jersey Governor Issues Warning to Bus Companies Regarding Migrant Drop-Offs at Rail Stations

Mocobizscene-  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy revealed on Monday that the state had received more than 1,800 migrants. This move was taken as a means to bypass the newly implemented regulations in New York City, which prohibit unannounced bus arrivals.


Bus loads of migrants from Texas and Louisiana are now being dropped off in New Jersey, thanks to the executive order by NYC Mayor Eric Adams. This order came into effect at the beginning of the year, making New Jersey the designated destination for these migrants.

Adams’ office had previously made an announcement stating that it filed a lawsuit against 17 charter bus companies. The lawsuit was aimed at recovering the money that the city had spent on providing care for the migrants transported by these companies. In response to this announcement, Texas Governor Greg Abbott strongly criticized the claims made by Adams, referring to them as “baseless.”

Since December 31st, at least 1,800 individuals have been dropped off by companies at train stations in New Jersey as a temporary solution. These individuals can then take public transit into Manhattan for work.

On Monday, Murphy sent a letter to the charter bus companies, stating that they must provide his state’s officials with a 32-hour notice if they intend to transport asylum seekers.

Governor of Texas, who is reportedly funding the passengers’ transportation with taxpayer funds, notice to New Jersey officials in advance of these individuals’ anticipated arrival is critical to ensuring the health and safety of passengers once they arrive in New Jersey,” Murphy said in a press release. According to Governor Murphy, it is crucial for New Jersey officials to be notified in advance about the arrival of migrants who are being transported to the state by the Governor of Texas. The Governor of Texas is allegedly using taxpayer funds to finance the transportation of these individuals. Governor Murphy emphasized the importance of this advance notice in order to safeguard the health and safety of the passengers upon their arrival in New Jersey.

“We will also be sharing this information with our colleagues across the Hudson to ensure the health and safety of the passengers who are planning to travel to New York City.”

Companies must now adhere to the new rules outlined in the letter, which entail notifying the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management about the passenger count on each bus. Additionally, companies must provide a detailed breakdown of the individuals on board, categorizing them as single passengers, part of a family group, or serving as chaperones.

Please share the intended drop-off locations along with the timing.

“We kindly request your cooperation in providing this information to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers,” Murphy expressed in the letter. “Furthermore, we want to emphasize that we retain the right to take necessary action against anyone found to be in violation of any relevant laws.”

Abbott has orchestrated the transfer of approximately 95,000 migrants to sanctuary cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Denver. This move serves as his protest against President Biden’s immigration policies. The White House has strongly criticized his plan, labeling it as “shameful.”

Since the spring of 2022, New York City has seen the arrival of approximately 164,000 migrants, with several thousand still being cared for.

Customs and Border Protection officers at the southwest border with Mexico are facing challenges in managing the overwhelming number of daily arrivals at ports of entry and the influx of individuals entering through gaps in the border wall.

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