Multi-agency drug operation leads to nearly 600 arrests in New Jersey, including in Newark

Mocobizscene-The U.S. Marshals have reported that a multi-agency operation was carried out with the objective of apprehending violent fugitives and individuals wanted for felony narcotic violations. This operation spanned over several weeks and resulted in nearly 600 arrests. The operation took place at 12 different locations across the United States, including Newark, New Jersey.

The purpose of the sting operation was to address drug-related and violent crimes in areas with the highest rates of overdose in the United States, including Newark. Authorities, including deputy U.S. marshals, task force officers, police officers, and federal agents, carried out a series of five- to 10-day warrants from Jan. 8 to Feb. 2 as part of Operation Washout — OD3, according to the U.S. Marshals.

27 individuals wanted for homicide/capital murder, 80 individuals for weapons offenses, 202 for drug offenses, 104 for assault, 78 confirmed gang members, and 25 for sex offenses were among those arrested.

Overall, the operation yielded the following outcomes:

    • 736 warrants closed
    • 596 arrests
    • 78 gang members arrested
    • 57 firearms seized
    • 102.58 kilograms of narcotics seized
    • $143,236 in U.S. currency seized

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