Miami woman taken into custody for murder after deadly shootout at apartment building

Mocobizscene- A woman has been taken into custody for a murder charge relating to a gunfight that occurred at a Miami apartment complex, resulting in the death of a man last week, as confirmed by authorities. Yanais Almeida, 35, has been taken into custody on Monday for the alleged offense of first-degree murder/robbery, according to records.

The shootout took place at approximately 6 a.m. on January 25th, at a building located in the 4200 block of Northwest South Tamiami Drive. The individuals were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where they received medical attention and were subsequently discharged.

According to the report, detectives examined surveillance footage which revealed that Iglesias entered the parking lot with Almeida. In the footage, Iglesias can be seen pulling out a gun and firing shots at the other suspect, who was subsequently hospitalized.

In the video, it was revealed that a second suspect emerged from a hidden spot and began pursuing and firing shots at Iglesias. Unfortunately, Iglesias was struck by the bullets and ultimately fell to the ground.

Almeida and one of the other suspects were captured on surveillance footage being dropped off near the hospital. The footage also showed Almeida and the injured suspect walking into the emergency room, according to the report. According to the report, Almeida and one of the other suspects were apprehended on Saturday while they were in a car at a gas station.

Almeida made an appearance in court on Tuesday, where a public defender was assigned to her and she was ordered to be held without bond. During the court appearance, the prosecutor revealed that Almeida had taken the victim to the designated location, where the other two suspects had devised a plan to rob him of his marijuana.

The other suspects involved in the incident have not yet been identified by the police, and it is unclear whether they will face any charges.

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