Masked Mob Robs LA Retail Store, Steals $12,000 in Goods

Seventeen individuals recently collaborated to carry out a theft at a retail store located in the Southeast Division of Los Angeles. The group used medical masks and other materials to conceal their identities and managed to shoplift goods worth $12,000, as confirmed by a tweet from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Five vehicles pulled up at the South Alameda Street shopping center yesterday, as a group of thieves sporting face masks and nondescript clothing got down to business. They proceeded to loot as much merchandise as possible, filling up their trash bags before making a quick getaway. The authorities had little time to intervene.

The Commercial Crimes Division and Organized Retail Crime Taskforce (ORCT) of the LAPD have reached out to the public for help in catching the perpetrators. The police have shared details of the suspects, along with a picture of one suspect wearing a unique sweatshirt with the words “Ritual of the Spirit” and a bonsai tree emblem.

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