Investigative Team Uncovers Apparent Beating Case Resulting in Death of 5-Year-Old in Livingston Parish

Mocobizscene- A 5-year-old boy in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, is being investigated for his death, which is believed to have been caused by physical abuse.

Relatives have shared that Leonardo “Leo” Eslinger was taken to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans on December 28, 2023, and unfortunately, he passed away three days later.

The obituary paints a picture of a joyful child who had a special fondness for Chase from Paw Patrol and had a contagious laughter. The boy was originally born in Evansville, Indiana, but had been residing in Albany, Louisiana.

The young boy who was injured was flown by helicopter from Albany to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. Sadly, he passed away at the hospital.

According to the station, two individuals have been taken into custody regarding the incident. The first is the boy’s father, Joseph Eslinger, who is 26 years old. The second person arrested is the father’s girlfriend, identified as Diana Lopez, also 26 years old.

According to Livingston Parish Detention Center records, both individuals were arrested on December 28th and are currently incarcerated. They have been charged with Cruelty to a Juvenile with Major Injuries.

According to WFIE-TV, an officer from the Albany Police Department stated that they are currently not disclosing any information regarding the ongoing investigation.

District Attorney Scott Perrilloux, who was contacted by phone on Tuesday afternoon, acknowledged that his office is aware of the case. He stated that they will collaborate with the Albany Police Department to carefully assess the facts and decide whether the criminal charges should be elevated or modified in any way.

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