‘Heartwarming footage of a giraffe’s charming encounter with an Oklahoma chiropractor melts hearts’

An Oklahoma chiropractor, known for his expertise in treating both humans and animals, has gained widespread attention after a video of him providing adjustments to a giraffe went viral.

Gerry, the giraffe, had a private owner who became concerned when they noticed that he was chewing in an abnormal manner. After meeting Joren Whitley, a chiropractor, at an event, the owner decided to reach out for assistance.

Whitley spotted Gerry on February 16 and shared a video showcasing the adjustments he made on April 16. The video has garnered an impressive 682,000 views since then. In the footage, he palpated Gerry’s jaw and gently guided it back and forth.

Whitley, in an interview with USA TODAY on Monday, observed that the patient’s jaw had more range of motion on one side compared to the other. To address this, Whitley performed an adjustment to facilitate the movement and then proceeded to examine the patient’s cervical spine. Upon discovering areas with restricted mobility, Whitley applied gentle manipulation to restore motion.

Gerry’s jaw was adjusted, resulting in noticeable improvements in his joint mobility. Additionally, Whitley observed a shift in the giraffe’s responses.

“He wanted to be closer to me,” Whitley explained. “He would rest his head on me, seeking more attention and affection. It was as if I was giving him a hug, and he expressed his gratitude by saying ‘Thank you’ and simply yearned for more love and affection.”

The video quickly gained traction on social media, with users expressing their fascination and commenting on how it had taught them something new.

One TikTok user expressed their delight by saying, “Who could ask for more than giraffe kisses?”

Whitley, with his keen observation skills, can often gauge the effectiveness of his adjustments on his animal patients by closely monitoring their pupil dilation and observing any changes in their nervous systems during his sessions.

According to Whitley, he has been gaining widespread attention even before he shared the video featuring Gerry. He believes that social media has played a significant role in showcasing how chiropractors can provide assistance to animals, just as they do for humans.

Chiropractor always knew he wanted to work with both animals and people

Whitley has been practicing as a chiropractor since 2016. He holds licenses from both Oklahoma’s veterinary and chiropractic boards.

While pursuing his chiropractic degree, he made a conscious decision to integrate his passion for working with both people and animals. To fulfill this goal, he diligently enrolled in additional courses that would equip him with the necessary skills and knowledge in both domains.

“When I first entered the field of animal chiropractic, the general perception was that it was primarily for horses,” Whitley explained. “People didn’t really consider it as a viable option for smaller animals like dogs, cats, and farm animals.”

He mentioned that he is acquainted with several animal chiropractors and has personal experience working with a variety of animals, including zebras, lions, buffalo, bears, skunks, and more.

Many veterinarians in Oklahoma appreciate his work and frequently recommend their patients to him.

Many individuals bring their dogs to him because they are hesitant to jump or move in a certain way. Others seek his expertise when their animals are limping or unable to use their hind legs anymore.

Whitley recalled working on a lion that had difficulties navigating hills due to arthritis. However, after Whitley’s intervention, the lion regained its ability to move up and down hills. Whitley has countless stories like this one, highlighting the positive impact of their work.

Some people think chiropractic work is ‘pseudoscience’

Whitley mentioned that despite his efforts in assisting numerous animals, there are still some individuals who are not supportive of animal chiropractic work.

When he first uploaded one of his videos online, he encountered some challenges. In one particular video, he was working with a tiger, but unfortunately, it was reported as animal abuse and taken down. To prove that he had the necessary expertise and credentials, he had to provide documentation. This enabled him to continue uploading his videos without any further issues.

One of his main goals is to educate people and promote the normalization of animal chiropractic care.

According to him, there is a significant amount of opposition to animal chiropractic care, primarily from veterinarians. However, he emphasized that not all veterinarians hold a negative view towards professionals in his field.

According to USA TODAY, there are veterinarians who strongly oppose animal chiropractic and criticize it relentlessly. They argue that there is no scientific basis for this practice and claim that it is harmful and causes harm to animals.

He said that future generations are being influenced by those individuals who have strong and assertive opinions.

Beliefs rooted in the 1940s trace back to a time when the American Medical Association formed a committee specifically dedicated to chiropractic care. This committee imposed limitations on patient referrals and propagated negative claims about chiropractors, labeling their practices as quackery and pseudoscience. One of the committee members even went as far as stating, “Chiropractors will kill you.”

The International Chiropractors Association has criticized the committee and its actions, stating that they are trying to restrict and eradicate the chiropractic profession.

The AMA was sued by a group of chiropractors, and they emerged victorious. However, these arguments have cast a shadow over the chiropractic profession for quite some time. Whitley mentioned that the public’s perception of chiropractic care is gradually evolving.

Viral chiropractor says people like him can help veterinarians and vice versa

According to him, a major problem arises when it comes to chiropractic and some veterinarians due to their lack of understanding about the work of chiropractors. However, they are also unwilling to provide chiropractors with the opportunity to explain their practice.

Chiropractors possess valuable knowledge and expertise in the application of depth and force while working with animals. This understanding creates an opportunity for collaboration between chiropractors and other groups involved in animal care.

“The veterinarians possess extensive knowledge of anatomy,” he explained. “They are well-versed in physiology as well. If we had the opportunity, we could engage in profound discussions about the functioning of the body and how chiropractors can provide assistance.”

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