George Washington University Hospital lays off dozens

Mocobizscene-The George Washington University Hospital (GWUH) announced on Wednesday that it has implemented a round of layoffs, resulting in numerous job losses.

The hospital attributed the layoffs to the current challenges in the healthcare industry. In response, the hospital is reorganizing various areas and departments to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs.

The Nurses Union at George Washington University Hospital expressed deep sadness upon learning about the elimination of certain positions and the subsequent firing and/or demotion of GWUH staff.

The statement further added that there were no announcements made by the CEO or CNO and there was no information available regarding any plans prior to the layoff announcements.

The statement concluded by emphasizing that the profession of caring requires a higher standard, one that UHS has failed to meet. It further highlighted the importance of providing better care for both patients and staff.

According to GWUH, approximately 60 staff members were affected, resulting in less than 3% of the workforce being let go. The hospital stated that the majority of those affected were provided with alternative positions within the organization.

The hospital clarified that the majority of these positions do not directly engage in patient care delivery.

According to GWUH, the affected employees have been valued members of their team, and they are ensuring that they are treated with dignity and respect during this challenging period. The organization is making every possible effort to support the impacted employees by either transitioning them to other available positions within the company or providing them with a separation package if they are eligible.

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