Family says suspect released without ankle monitor attacked ex-girlfriend immediately

According to officials and a family member, a man who was released prematurely from Orleans Parish jail without his court-ordered ankle monitor wasted no time before attacking a woman he had been in a relationship with. The incident occurred in Jefferson Parish.

According to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, Lewis Stokes, who is 37 years old, was able to post bail and was released on the night of November 15th. However, it was reported that a staff member allowed Stokes to leave without an ankle monitor, which was a condition of his bond.

On October 30, Stokes was taken into custody and charged with domestic abuse, child endangerment, and simple assault. It’s worth noting that he was already a person of interest in relation to a 2022 Algiers homicide case According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, a woman was attacked by Stokes shortly after the accident and an arrest warrant has been issued.

According to the speaker, the individual in question was released from jail and proceeded to go to the house in question. At around one or one-thirty in the morning, he knocked on the door. The speaker noted that an argument ensued and that the woman in the house was screaming.

She recalled how the fight between them had spilled into her home and he was resisting her. The police were alerted around 1:22 in the morning and he had fled across the street and was in hiding. According to her, the authorities had come to the house and talked to her sister, but they were unable to find Stokes. Consequently, he returned to her house and continued with his assault.

According to the woman, her sister was hospitalized due to swelling on her head.

“She has her eyes closed and her head is swollen. CAT scans and X-rays were necessary to determine the extent of the damage,” she explained. “It’s a grave situation, and my main concern at the moment is her well-being.”

The police urge anyone with knowledge of Stokes’ whereabouts to come forward and report it immediately.


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