Algiers Family Questions Circumstances Surrounding Death Of Missing Man

Mocobizscene- Frank Williams’ family filed a missing person report on Tuesday, January 2nd. Ethel, Williams’ wife, anticipated his presence on New Year’s Eve. However, he failed to appear, leaving her puzzled and concerned. Williams resides in New Orleans East.

According to his wife, she expressed her concern about the guy not visiting their house as planned. She decided to call him and found out that he had actually left at 9:30 PM. She further mentioned that he faced difficulties in seeing clearly and driving at night.

The next day, she reported her husband missing to the New Orleans Police Department after she received a peculiar phone call from his phone. However, when she answered the call, it wasn’t her husband on the other end.

“We discovered his car in a ditch, but luckily a kind stranger came to his aid, helping him out of the predicament. Curiously, the stranger asked, ‘Where do you both reside?’ ‘New Orleans, Louisiana,’ we replied. To our surprise, he stated, ‘Well, I will direct him towards Highway 80 in Alabama.’ Astonished, my wife questioned, ‘Alabama? What could he possibly be doing there?'” his wife recounted.

In a tragic turn of events, authorities from the Creola Police Department have reported that Williams was discovered on Thursday morning beneath the 1-65 overpass in Mobile, Alabama.

According to reports, it is believed that he had exited his vehicle and proceeded to walk approximately 30 yards before losing his footing and tumbling down a steep embankment. While authorities have not indicated any suspicion of foul play, his wife has expressed concerns about the inconsistencies in the details of the incident.

According to his wife, she firmly believes that he did not drive the truck to Alabama, specifically to Creole, Alabama. She is convinced that someone else was responsible for driving the truck.

According to Ethel, she believes that there is additional information that has yet to be revealed in the story.

According to his wife, he had difficulty driving at night due to poor vision. His eyesight was better during the day when there was ample daylight. Despite this limitation, he was willing to chauffeur people to their desired destinations, demonstrating his willingness to go wherever they needed to go.

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