Cellphone footage captures student attacking teacher at Millikan High School in Long Beach

Authorities are currently investigating the assault of a teacher by a student at Millikan High School. The incident, which was captured on a cellphone video, has caused concern and raised questions about school safety. The investigation is ongoing, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

On Wednesday, an attack occurred in the school district. The district has not released the names of either the student or the teacher involved.

Elvia Cano, a spokeswoman for the Long Beach Unified School District, did not disclose any information about the reason behind the attack. However, the district is conducting an investigation into the matter. The student involved in the assault was not taken into custody, according to Cano.

According to officials, the student could face suspension or expulsion as a result of the investigation.

According to Alejandro Vega, Millikan High School’s principal, the other students in the class were responsible for breaking up the melee. He expressed his gratitude towards those students for intervening.

In an email sent out to Millikan’s parents, Vega provided a general overview of the situation without disclosing the identities of those involved, citing confidentiality limitations.

On Thursday, Vega followed up with a message to the families of Millikan.

In a recent message to parents, the school’s administrator addressed concerns surrounding a physical altercation that occurred in one of the classrooms. According to the message, a student had physically assaulted a staff member, but was stopped by other students who intervened. While the administrator was unable to provide further details due to confidentiality laws, the incident served as a reminder to students that any form of violence or inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and will be met with disciplinary action.

The administrator emphasized the importance of fostering kindness and respect towards others in the school community, and encouraged parents to utilize the resources available at the Wellness Center for students in need of support.

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