Cardi B’s Surprising Choice for the 2024 US Presidential Election Revealed

Cardi B, the popular HipHop star, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the actions of the US government regarding certain conflicts. She has made it clear that this will have an impact on her stance in the upcoming 2024 elections.

During a recent Instagram live video, the rapper explicitly stated that she will not be endorsing any candidate for the 2024 US presidential elections.

Renowned for her bold and unfiltered opinions, the rapper spoke out about her disappointment with political leaders, taking aim at New York Mayor Eric Adams and President Joe Biden.

“I don’t give a f–k… I’m not endorsing no f–king presidents no more,” Cardi’s no-holds-barred rants began.

Delving into the specifics of her discontent, the artist – known for using her platform to address social and political issues – expressed her concerns.

Cardi expressed her dissatisfaction with Mayor Adams’ proposed budget cuts, a decision that has received backlash from diverse groups. True to her outspoken nature, Cardi did not hold back in her criticism. She strongly disagreed with the proposed cuts and raised concerns about how they would affect the community.

“She emphasized that ordinary Americans are facing challenges and going through difficult times,” she stated.

Cardi B didn’t limit her criticism to just Mayor Adams, as she also took aim at President Biden.

Cardi B criticized Joe Biden’s position on using funds for wars in Ukraine and Israel, arguing that the country cannot afford such military actions while facing critical domestic problems. The rapper used her signature explicit language to challenge the idea of allocating funds for wars abroad.

Passionately declaring, she expressed her frustration with those who claim that the United States doesn’t have what it takes to be the greatest nation. “Motherf–kers talkin’ about ‘we don’t got it, but we got it. We’re the greatest nation.’ No the f–k we’re not!” Her strong words leave no room for doubt about her stance on the matter.

Cardi B slams Tasha K over Will Smith interview

Cardi B has recently entered the fray surrounding the contentious Brother Bilaal interview regarding the renowned Hollywood actor, Will Smith.

Cardi B expressed her dissatisfaction with Tasha K, the interview host who made outrageous allegations about Smith, during an Instagram live video.

Bilaal, who used to work as an assistant to the actor, disclosed that he stumbled upon Will Smith having an intimate encounter with actor Duane Martin. This revelation created a stir and drew attention from the entertainment industry.

Tasha K. has received a lot of criticism for the recent interview, with many people sharing their diverse opinions. However, the 31-year-old being interviewed has specifically placed the blame on Tasha K.

Cardi, who had a previous conflict with Tasha K, expressed her opinion that Will Smith is a person who does not cause any trouble and should not be subjected to such treatment.

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