A woman from Dectaur is being treated at UAB after her husband allegedly pours flammable stuff on her and sets her on fire

when coming to Birmingham to be by her side, loved ones of a Decatur lady who was critically burned when her husband threw flammable liquid on her and set her on fire shared their emotions.

“We’re all reeling from the absolute horror of this situation,” said Anna Willis’ sister, Christy Mitchell. “It’s unfathomable.”

Mitchell and Anna’s daughter Courtney Kennedy have stated that they will be there for Anna every step of the way as she heals in a medically induced coma after being burned on the majority of her body.

“She’s got 30 fourth-degree burns over the majority of her body, and it’s going to require a lot of comfort care, a lot of mental and physical strength on her end,” Mitchell explained.

According to Decatur police, Anna’s injuries were caused by her husband, Riley Willis III.

Willis, according to police, purposefully poured flammable liquid on Anna while she was sleeping and across their Acadia Drive residence in Decatur before setting her on fire on Tuesday.

Anna’s 21-year-old son, according to Mitchell, saved her life.

“Anna ran out of the house, starting screaming for help outside her apartment complex,” Mitchell added. “Her son, who happened to be two doors down at a friend’s house, ripped his shirt off and began desperately attempting to put out the fire.”

Riley Willis is now being held without bond at the Morgan County Jail on accusations of domestic abuse, assault, and arson.

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Kennedy considers himself to be exactly where he belongs.

“He tried to kill my mom,” Kennedy added. “He attempted murder on her, and justice is him behind bars, never seeing the light of day again.”

The family also sought to spread this message to other domestic abuse victims in the hopes that what happened to Anna would not happen to anyone else.

“Leave because no one knows when it’s going to be the final straw,” Mitchell said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Anna’s medical needs and to help her get back on her feet after she lost her stuff in the apartment.

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