KCMO man’s boss at 6-foot-11 with Size 23 shoes reaches out to KSHB 41 for help

Donnell Taylor, a small business owner of Donnell’s Automotive, reached out to Mr. Holmes with a plea for help. One of his employees has size 25 feet and is suffering from severe foot pain due to torn shoes. Despite being a skilled mechanic, the employee is very shy and hesitant to ask for assistance. Donnell is concerned about the employee’s well-being and is seeking aid in finding suitable shoes to alleviate his pain.

I have to admit, I have never come across someone quite like Cortez Sexton Jr. Not only do his shoes seem like they could fit a small vehicle, but his towering height of 6 foot, 11 inches is truly remarkable. Meeting someone of his size is a rarity, to say the least.

Upon receiving the email, I took to social media to bring attention to Cortez’s predicament. I even went as far as to tag Shaquille O’Neal on Instagram, considering the fact that he wears a size 22 sneaker. However, even that size would still be too small for Cortez.

During my visit to Donnell’s Automotive, I had the pleasure of speaking with Donnell Taylor who expressed his admiration for one of his employees.

According to Taylor, the mechanic he hired has been doing a great job. He is satisfied with the mechanic’s work and considers him to be a skilled professional.

Getting this mechanic’s full potential out of first gear is still difficult, especially when they are wearing shoes that are too small.

It’s rare to find stores that stock size 20 shoes or clothing. So, I inquired about how many pairs of shoes he owns that he actually finds comfortable to wear from his closet.

Sexton casually mentioned that he had purchased two items, including the ones he was currently wearing and a pair of boots that he had acquired through online shopping.

The shoes were in dire condition, with holes scattered all over and seams bursting at the seams.

Comfort is not a luxury that many of us can afford. This is particularly true for individuals who work in close proximity to heavy machinery while standing on their feet for extended periods of time. In such cases, a lack of comfort can pose a significant risk to their safety and well-being.

Jacob Osenton reached out to me a few days after my social media plea. He specializes in crafting custom shoes, boots, and repairing footwear. I was able to connect him with Taylor and Sexton, and I am hopeful that they will be able to collaborate on a project soon.

Osenton turned to Sexton and explained his plan. “To make your shoes, I’ll first need to take some measurements of your foot. I’ll then send these measurements to a company that will provide me with the necessary details to create your perfect pair of shoes. Does this sound good to you?” he asked.

In response to the proposal, Sexton expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “That sounds awesome.”

It’s always a wise investment to have a reliable and cozy pair of shoes that fits your feet perfectly. This is what is known as the “Gift of Sole.”

Taylor expressed to me that she believed he would be pleased with the outcome. In her opinion, the newfound confidence that it would bring would put a smile on his face, and that was all she wanted – to see him happy.

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