Woman Shares Cautionary Tale About Sharing Accounts After Uncovering Fiancé’s Viewing Habits

Living with my fiancé, I quickly discovered how easily my YouTube algorithm could become “all over the place” due to my partner’s unique preferences.

Sarah Hau, a 32-year-old resident of Texas, lives with her fiancé Donovan Brill, who is also 32 years old. Similar to numerous couples, they have a YouTube account that they share.

According to Hau, Brill’s diverse taste in watching videos has caused their suggested videos to become disorganized and chaotic.

A video shared by Hau on her TikTok account @sarahhauareyou on April 2 has gained almost 150,000 views, resonating with thousands of people who can relate to her caption: “The reasons why sharing a YouTube account is never a good idea.”

Hau approaches her fiancé, who is sitting on the sofa watching a video, and asks him what he’s watching.

With a wide smile, Brill announces to her, “It’s the Microsoft Excel World Championships 2023,” and instantly, the screen displays a captivating Excel spreadsheet.

The Microsoft Excel World Championship and the Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) may not be widely known, but they are both real and exciting events.

The Excel Championships, as described by the FMWC, offers an opportunity to showcase your expertise in Microsoft Excel. Participants are provided with instructions, rules, and progressively challenging questions to test their mastery of the software.

The championships, which were launched in 2020 and are based in Latvia, attract participants and viewers from all over the globe.

Hau, who is employed in sales, revealed to Newsweek that she stumbled upon him watching the event after he had claimed he was going to “unwind”.

“He never fails to amaze me with his idea of relaxation,” she remarked. “Rather than indulging in typical leisure activities, he chooses to immerse himself in educational content, such as watching YouTube videos to learn about topics like the Venezuelan economy or the workings of a pacemaker.”

According to her, their YouTube account is a complete mess and has the most diverse homepage you can imagine.

Hau’s video struck a chord with many viewers, prompting numerous individuals to share their own experiences with algorithm difficulties in the comments. Some even expressed their newfound interest in watching the Excel Championships.

A user shared their experience, stating, “My kids and husband would always take over my account on the TV and mess up my algorithm. It took me a significant amount of time to rectify it.”

“One commenter noted that incidents like this are precisely why even our children have their own separate accounts,” while another reminisced about a friend who had shown them a My Little Pony song on YouTube over ten years ago, adding, “and to this day, I still receive recommendations related to that.”

Hau expressed that she initially believed her video would only be relatable to individuals in relationships with nerdy partners. However, she did not anticipate the extent of its relatability and the overwhelming response it received.

However, the impact on their joint YouTube account doesn’t faze her at all.

Hau, when discussing her fiancé who works in finance, openly admitted that she would rather have a partner who enjoys watching videos like the Excel World Championships rather than someone who plays video games.

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