Virginia woman gets two life terms for trying to cover up mother and sister’s murders.

Mocobizscene- On Friday, a Virginia woman found guilty of killing her mother and younger sister and then fabricating a murder-suicide scenario was given two consecutive life sentences.

In July 2017, Pamela Hargan and her daughter Helen were discovered shot in the head at their McLean home. According to evidence presented during the trial, Megan Hargan propped up the rifle to make it appear as though Helen had shot herself after shooting her mother and sister.

Investigators revealed that Megan Hargan had been planning to steal $400,000 from her mother in order to use it as a down payment for a home, but her mother had discovered the plan.

“In order to avoid facing the consequences for her fraud, she killed her own mother and sister,” Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Kelsey Gill stated.

Due to jury misconduct, Megan Hargan’s first conviction was overturned; however, she was found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder by a subsequent jury. She received the maximum sentence from the judge.

Steven Descano, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Fairfax County, described the incident as among the worst and most heinous that the county has ever seen.

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