Viral Response to Joe Biden’s Comment to Young Girl

A Thanksgiving event clip of Joe Biden conversing with a child about her ears has become a viral sensation. However, one critic has labelled him as a creep.

During his speech at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, the president took the time to interact with a child. Biden not only met with military families but also served them dinner for Friendsgiving. Additionally, he had the opportunity to watch an advance screening of the movie “Wonka,” which tells the story of a young Willy Wonka.

As Biden delivered his speech, he noticed Catherine, a child wearing cat-costume ears, and approached her. “Your ears are so cool! I love them. What’s your name?” Biden exclaimed with excitement.

When Biden asked the girl for her name, she responded with “Catherine”. The former vice president complimented her name, saying it was beautiful and shared that it was also his mother’s name. He then asked her age, guessing that she was 17.

Catherine responded with a simple “six.”

The Republican National Committee’s social media account, RNC Research, recently shared a clip of a conversation on X (formerly known as Twitter), which has stirred up controversy. Many people have criticized Biden for his inappropriate choice of words. As of now, representatives for Biden have not provided any comments on this matter, according to Newsweek.

A user of X platform expressed their opinion on Biden, stating, “He is a freak and should never be allowed to be around children.”

According to Trending Politics co-owner, Collin Rugg, the President’s behavior was labeled as creepy. Additionally, a user on the third-party website X expressed their opinion that the President’s actions were inappropriate considering his position as the leader of the United States.

On the other hand, some people mentioned that Biden was actually commenting on the girl’s costume. A user labeled as X stated that “Let’s not misunderstand this: he is referring to the ears on the girl’s costume and making a playful remark about her young age. It’s understandable if you don’t support him, but let’s represent the situation accurately.” However, this is not the initial instance where the conduct of the Democrat regarding children has been doubted.

In July, criticism was directed towards him when a video surfaced of him playfully pretending to bite a child while on a trip to Finland. In October 2022, Biden received criticism for a remark he made to a young teenager in California, advising her not to date “serious guys until you’re 30.”

During an event, Biden shared an important advice he gave to his daughters and granddaughters – to not get involved with serious guys until they turn 30. During a pre-Memorial Day speech to military families in Virginia in 2021, Biden complimented a young girl by telling her that she appeared to be 19 years old.

Biden complimented the girl, saying, “Those barrettes in your hair are lovely”. He then went on to admire her appearance, exclaiming how she looked like a 19-year-old lady sitting there with her legs crossed.

The Friendsgiving event brought together military families and service members who are associated with the Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carriers. These carriers are presently deployed in the eastern Mediterranean, responding to tensions arising from the Israel-Hamas war.

During his speech, Biden praised the family members of those deployed abroad, calling them the heart of the operation. He also expressed his gratitude by acknowledging their crucial role, stating “You literally are the spine, the sinew, the backbone of this operation.”

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