Rudy Giuliani files lawsuit against Joe Biden for referring to him as a ‘Russian pawn’

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, has recently filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden for defamation. The lawsuit stems from a presidential debate almost three years ago where Biden referred to Giuliani as a “Russian pawn.” Giuliani is seeking legal action in response to this statement.

During a sparsely attended news conference outside a courthouse in New Hampshire, Giuliani filed a lawsuit to take advantage of the state’s defamation laws. Giuliani’s announcement during the conference was rambling in nature.

During his speech, the ex-mayor repeated various criticisms of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. However, it’s worth noting that he only took legal action against the president, even though it’s generally difficult to prove defamation in political discourse involving public figures.

Giuliani’s legal troubles continue to mount as he faces potential legal repercussions on multiple fronts. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding his ability to cover the cost of his legal representation, as one of his lawyers recently withdrew from his case in the Georgia election subversion matter. These developments coincided with Wednesday’s news conference.

During a press conference on Wednesday, one of the attorneys who appeared alongside Rudy Giuliani was asked if he had concerns about Giuliani’s ability to pay his legal fees in light of his mounting debts. Lou Diamond responded by stating that such concerns were not on his mind at all. It remains to be seen how Giuliani will handle the financial aspect of his legal battle.

Diamond expressed the depth of his friendship with the person in question, emphasizing that he considers him a true friend. He went on to describe him as someone who is not just his friend, but also a friend of the country, and referred to him as “America’s mayor”.

CNN has attempted to contact the White House for a response.

In response to recent reports from The New York Times, Giuliani has commented on the questioning from special counsel Jack Smith’s office regarding his drinking habits and whether or not Donald Trump was aware of them during his time as the former president’s personal lawyer.

As per CNN’s previous report, co-conspirator 1 in Smith’s federal election interference case is none other than Giuliani. While Trump has been indicted in the case, there have been no charges against Giuliani as of yet.

During a news conference in New Hampshire, former federal prosecutor and mayor Rudy Giuliani proudly stated his achievements and dismissed rumors of an alcohol problem. He confidently declared, “If I had an alcohol problem, and I could do all of that, I should be in the Guinness Book of Records. I do not have an alcohol problem. I have never had an alcohol problem.”

Rudy Giuliani has filed a lawsuit focusing on remarks made by Joe Biden during a presidential debate in Nashville in the latter part of 2020. The lawsuit centers on Biden’s comments that Russia was providing Giuliani with misleading information to aid Trump’s likelihood of becoming the President.

During a discussion about Moscow’s attempts to undermine the US electoral process, Biden accused the Russians of interfering with American sovereignty. He went on to express his belief that President Putin had not addressed this issue with the President of the United States.

Biden expressed concern over the relationship between Trump and his associate, Rudy Giuliani, stating that even Trump’s own national security adviser warned him about Giuliani’s involvement with Russian misinformation. Biden asserted that Giuliani is being used as a pawn by Russia, fed false information, and yet no action is being taken. Biden also accused Russia of trying to prevent his election as the next President of the United States, as they know him and he knows them.

According to Giuliani, Biden’s remarks have caused him personal harm and are completely untrue.

According to a 2021 assessment by the US intelligence community, Putin was found to have control over the actions of Andriy Derkach, a former Ukrainian lawmaker with ties to the Kremlin. Derkach had met with Giuliani and was responsible for spreading disinformation aimed at discrediting Biden.

Giuliani emphasized that the lawsuit he filed was not a form of retaliation for the previous lawsuit Hunter Biden filed against him and his former lawyer. Hunter Biden’s lawsuit claimed that they violated both federal and state computer privacy laws by allegedly attempting to hack his devices.

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