Nathan Wade thinks that Trump could face legal charges in Georgia even if he becomes the President.

According to Nathan Wade, a former special prosecutor, he is of the opinion that even if Donald Trump manages to win the 2024 election, he will still be prosecuted in Georgia.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Wade expressed his belief that he thinks it’s possible for him to run for president. However, he also acknowledged that it may not be viewed positively by the rest of the world. Despite this, Wade doesn’t see any barriers that would prevent him from pursuing this path.

If Trump wins re-election, Wade anticipates that prosecutors and defense attorneys will face an unprecedented scenario.

In March, Wade stepped down from his position in the Georgia election interference case, following accusations of having an inappropriate relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Willis has submitted a fresh request to the Georgia Court of Appeals, urging them to dismiss Trump’s appeal of Judge Scott McAfee’s order that granted her permission to remain on the case. According to Willis, the appeal lacks “sufficient evidence.”

Critics have accused Wade of causing a delay in Trump’s trial in Georgia due to his relationship with Wills. However, Wade has defended himself against these allegations.

Wade firmly stated that he did not believe his actions had any impact on the indictment. He supported the legitimacy of the indictment and ensured that he had never done anything that could have compromised the investigation. However, he acknowledged that the timing of his personal relationship was unfortunate. According to Wade, the prosecution had no connection with the public’s opinion on the correctness of the indictment. Instead, it was solely focused on upholding the rule of law.

The upcoming ruling on Willis’ latest motion is highly anticipated, as it could potentially affect the appeals court’s decision. The arguments for the Willis ruling are scheduled to be heard on Oct. 4, regardless of the outcome of the motion.

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