Violent Clash Erupts at New York State Mall

Mocobizscene-Christmas week is upon us, and local police are far from enjoying a much-needed break. Trouble seems to be brewing at local shopping centers, with a recent incident at the Walden Galleria in Western New York grabbing headlines. On Tuesday, a massive fight erupted, prompting the arrival of numerous police cars to the scene.

The weather this year is much more manageable compared to last year’s blizzard. Last year, people were confined to their homes and businesses remained closed for several days until the roads and highways were cleared. However, this year, it appears that young individuals are venturing out and socializing in large groups.

The Cheektowaga Police had a busy day after Christmas as they dealt with multiple incidents. According to several reports, they arrested one individual while dispersing crowds of teenagers from the mall on Walden Avenue.

According to a report from Channel 2 in Buffalo, it has been stated that:

2 On Your Side spoke to Cheektowaga Police Department Chief Brian Coons said police responded to the scene with NY State Police and the NFTA Police Tuesday.

In Western New York, there seems to be a need for a designated location, event, or age-appropriate activity for teenagers. While there may be some individuals who actively seek trouble, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day often leaves many teens with idle time on their hands. It would be beneficial for community leaders to devise a plan that offers alternative ways to keep these young individuals engaged and occupied during this period.

Teen violence appears to be on the rise in the Buffalo and Western New York area. Just last week, a significant altercation in the Downtown area left one person injured.

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