Implementation Of Washington’s New Street Racing Law Begins On January 1st.

Mocobizscene- Starting from January 1st, a set of new laws will be implemented. On January 1st, a new law will come into effect in Washington State with the aim of curbing illegal street racing.

Starting in the new year, the definition of illegal street racing will undergo a change. Instead of being described as “two people competing for speed,” it will be given a new and revised definition.

Under Senate Bill 5606, the definition is broadened to include stunts such as drifting. Notably, off-street spaces like parking lots and garages will now be designated as prohibited areas for racing. Additionally, vehicles involved in such activities can also be subject to impoundment.

Frustrated by the increase in incidents from Tacoma to the Tri-Cities, state legislators and local mayors advocated for the approval of Senate Bill 5606. In early February, Kent Mayor Dana Ralph testified in support of the bill, citing comparable legislation in California.

Ralph shared that street racing has been a longstanding issue in the City of Kent, particularly in the industrial valley. He explained that the presence of truck access in this area makes it an ideal location for car races to take place.

Washington State’s House and Senate easily passed the legislation, and in May, Governor Jay Inslee signed the bill into law.

Over the course of the next seven months, FOX 13 extensively reported on multiple instances of near-accidents and tragic deaths resulting from this unlawful practice.

Critics of the law argue that it falls short in its effectiveness. They question the rationale behind granting the power to impound a car if law enforcement is hindered in their pursuit of the suspect.

In March, Representative Jim Walsh (R) expressed his concerns as the ranking minority member.

“There is a question regarding the enforcement of this policy if illegal street racers decide to flee,” Walsh remarked. “Will law enforcement be able to pursue them?”

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