Two New Orleans Men Served 70 Years For False Crimes

NEW ORLEANS: Imagine going over 30 years without celebrating Christmas and having no personal excuse for it. For over thirty years, Jerry Davis and Larry Moses were deprived of cherished Christmas memories because they were falsely convicted of crimes they had not committed.

Hours after their original release, WWL Louisiana contacted them again, and this time, just before their first Christmas as free men, it was in December. Two men from New Orleans lost their freedom over thirty years ago. Today, they sit back and enjoy the December beauty while strolling along the Ninth Ward Riverfront.
Jerry Davis was found guilty of first-degree murder in 1984 and given a life sentence. After forty years, the 64-year-old is finally home this August. “I never thought I’d see this day,” remarked the man.

At last, the grandfather of four and father of two can enjoy Christmas. “You never know what I might do. I will be content.”

The Innocence Project New Orleans claims that Jerry was not even present at the alleged crime scene. “A couple were visiting New Orleans, they were setting up a camper van in a trailer park off Chef Menteur in New Orleans East,” stated Richard Davis, Legal Director of Innocence Project New Orleans, at the outset. Two men approached them, shot them, and stole from them.”In the words of Jerry Davis, “I thought I’d never see a ship again in the river.”

Chatting about dressing up as Santa Claus while observing the passing boats. For decades, there wasn’t much laughter in their location.

They responded with, “Gentlemen, what’s it like to be sitting here today after we met?” Davis declared it to be “Wonderful.” “It’s a good feeling,” stated Larry Moses. Gazing at the city while overlooking the railroad.”
According to INPO, Jerry was singled out by the real suspect and sentenced to forty years in jail as a result. Now he adds that his favorite thing to do on Christmas Day is watch his grandchildren smile.

“To be honest with you,” Davis stated, “Christmas is a great time to watch kids play with toys and other things that bring back memories.” Look at how much fun they are having—they seem to have more than I did.”When Larry Moses was freed from state detention back in June, WWL Louisiana was there. Today, he says, “I gave all thanks to God for blessing all people that have been a part of my freedom.”

He continued by stating, “When I walk amid my family, I could just feel all the love and I didn’t feel for all those years I was a when I was away, there was no love in the petitionary.”

In 1995, the 68-year-old was convicted of two charges of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. According to IPNO, a suspect shot the two individuals after approaching them and attempting to rob them. Their detectives discovered that the conviction was predicated on fabricated testimony and that the state had withheld information from the defense.

Two New Orleans men spent a combined 70 years incarcerated for crimes they did not commit.

Charell Arnold, an attorney with the Innocence Project New Orleans, told June that “In this case… the sole eyewitness or a man who claimed to be an eyewitness, both had motivation to lie, and to implicate Mr. Moses over a romantic rivalry, and that this eyewitness actually had pretty severe mental health problems and was committed and underwent a psychiatric evaluation.”

He’s back at home now. He’s an 18-year-old father, a 30-year-old grandfather, and a 4-year-old great-grandfather. He recently obtained his driver’s license, went to Seattle, purchased a van, and reignited his romance with Ms. Gloria.

Moses replies, “From the time when we first met… I’ve been riding the buses and learning the city again.”

He responded with, “Larry, what’s it like to be sitting here with Jerry overlooking the river knowing you’re free?” He replied, “Unbelievable,” to that. It feels really amazing, I must say. Since I once believed that I would never make it to the location you are familiar with. Yes, I get up and leave the house every day. It’s unbelievable to me. Yes, I am truly free now. For all those years, I was given orders.”

“How’s it feel for you Jerry?” WWL enquired of Davis. “A wonderful feeling,” he replied. You are aware. Something for which I had constantly hoped. Sit outside on the porch in freedom… I travel around quite a bit.”Larry and Jerry spent 70 years behind bars for offences they did not commit. These two gentlemen sit on a park bench, taking in the scenery.

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