Two individuals arrested following barricade incident in Northwest DC

WASHINGTON  — Two individuals were detained by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) following a barricade incident in Northwest on Thursday morning.

According to MPD, the incident began when a victim, who had been robbed, approached officers in the vicinity of the 900 block of U St. NW. The victim reported that two individuals were responsible for the robbery.

According to the police, a group of individuals sought refuge in an unoccupied structure within Howard University’s premises. This particular building is located in the 2000 block of Georgia Ave. NW.

Afterwards, a situation with barricades ensued, resulting in the need to close off roads in the vicinity.

    • 2000 block of Georgia Ave. NW, between V Street and Florida Avenue NW
    • 700-800 blocks of Florida Ave. NW, between 7th and 9th streets NW

The barricade situation came to a close as the police apprehended the two individuals. Confirming the Metropolitan Police Department’s statement, it was determined that there were no other individuals present within the building.

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