Suspect arrested for attempted murder in Harvey shooting

Mocobizscene- The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against a man from LaPlace for two counts of attempted second-degree murder. According to authorities, the man allegedly shot at two women following a dispute at a bar in Harvey.

Despite firing nine shots at the victims’ vehicle from a distance of only 10 feet, Jyrae Hicks, 23, failed to injure anyone during the shooting that occurred on October 7, according to investigators from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

During a preliminary hearing in December, Detective Christopher Bodet suggested that the suspect may not be familiar with firearms or could simply be a bad shot.

According to authorities, there was a shooting near the intersection of Gretna and Manhattan boulevards. Hicks and the victims were inside a nearby club when a fight broke out between their two groups.

According to Bodet, the fight was connected to a previous disagreement involving Hicks’ girlfriend and the two female victims. The exact details of the incident were not disclosed by Bodet.

During the trial, Bodet testified that the surveillance video from that night clearly captured Hicks, the identified gunman, standing very close to the driver’s side of the vehicle. In the footage, Hicks can be seen aiming his weapon through the window.

Initially, Hicks denied any involvement in the shooting. However, when presented with the surveillance video, he changed his story and confessed to firing at the victims, according to Bodet.

On November 6, Hicks was charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder. Currently, he is being held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna on a bail amount of $500,000. The arraignment for the case is set for February 15th.

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