‘Skrilla Doll’ Charged With Aggravated Assault, Viral Mugshot Goes Viral

The 18-year-old social media influencer Isabella Perrelli, sometimes known as “Skrilla Doll,” has gained notoriety for the wrong reasons. Social media users have been captivated by Perrelli’s mugshot as the story of her recent arrest in Broward County, Florida, comes to light.

Perrelli is facing major charges, including Aggravated Assault on an Officer and Resisting Officer-Obstruct Without Violence, according to Mugshot Zone. This information adds another level of mystery to the story that is developing about the teenage influencer.

According to PBSO detectives, the first arrest this month was connected to a firearms charge. When a detective looking into a missing young person found a possible link between the young person and Isabella Perrelli, Perrelli came under investigation. According to Boca Post, over the course of the inquiry, officers went through Perrelli’s social media accounts and discovered recordings showing her in possession of firearms.

Perrelli’s legal situation is further revealed by a police record that Boca Post was able to obtain. It states that she is an adjudicated criminal in the State of Florida, which prohibits her from owning weapons. Equipped with this data, investigators secured a warrant to examine Perrelli’s home. Remarkably, they supposedly discovered the missing young person in her house.

Skrilla Doll’s legal entanglements are complicated, with charges of assault, resistance, illegal firearm ownership, and connections to a missing child all woven together. These specifics are still being worked out.

There is growing public curiosity and interest in the influencer’s case as the viral mugshot keeps making the rounds on social media.

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