Skimmer spotted at LaPlace Walmart: ‘This case is growing rapidly’

St. John the Baptist embodies La. parish. — The investigation into a big-box retailer in the area where a credit card skimmer was discovered is expanding.

“This case is expanding at an alarming rate,” stated Sheriff Mike Tregre of St. John Parish. “It looks like it’s going to involve multiple jurisdictions, multiple businesses.” Credit card skimmers are devices designed to capture and steal credit card numbers that are installed atop credit card readers. A detailed examination of the register might enable one to discern the device.

The skimmers, according to Sheriff Tregre, are sophisticated and simple to overlook. “If you are able to examine one of these devices prior to using it, do so. Typically, a lane or overlapping device is located atop the credit card processing equipment. “Must make every effort to verify,” he advised.

A report was received by the St. John Parish Sheriff’s office on October 31 regarding the discovery of a skimmer device on a self-checkout machine at the Walmart location in LaPlace. Upon reviewing surveillance footage, parish detectives discovered footage of an individual connecting the device to the register.

One of the two identified perpetrators is currently in custody. As per Tregre, additional arrests are imminent.

What would he recommend to consumers? Proceed with prudence. “We intend to request that individuals review their banking statements on a regular basis. If you make a purchase, you may be able to easily locate that purchase on your mobile device. You must recall the last unauthorized transaction that involved your credit card if you discover such activity. “Remember that,” he instructed.

Likewise, NOPD is investigating comparable incidents. Those who suspect they are the target of skimming should promptly contact their local police department.

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