Shalimar Birkett, 32: Killed in Brooklyn Drive-By in 2021 While Attending Friend Vigil

Mocobizscene- Authorities are still looking for the suspects in Shalimar Birkett’s shooting death. On May 17, 2021, the 32-year-old mother of two boys was in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where she was present at a vigil. Shalimar’s buddy Miles Bobbsemple, 31, was shot and died the previous evening at a party in East Flatbush. Miles’s family came together to remember him. Nobody could have predicted that Shalimar Birkett would be killed in a drive-by while everyone was at the corner of Park Place and Howard Avenue, lamenting his passing.

Shalimar’s mother, Tatricia Hamilton, reportedly told local reporters that her family is “extremely distraught” about the needless murder. Shalimar was apparently hit by a stray gunshot when rounds were fired from a passing vehicle. Investigators surmised that Shalimar was struck twice in the head when the real objective was likely gang members who were also present at the Bobbsemple memorial.

She has a beautiful attitude and is gregarious. She’s entertaining. Tatricia remarked, “She always enjoyed going out with her sisters and friends. Shalimar’s cousin Harriet Heines continued, saying, “Justice for the family… the city.” The police must actually, truly assist in enforcing the law. I am aware that, as of right now, they are attempting to eliminate police, even though we genuinely need them.”

According to police, the shooting at Bobbsemple’s memorial was carried out by the same group who opened fire at the party where he was killed. Authorities haven’t affirmed that, though. It is not unexpected that the community is still troubled by gun violence and finds it hard to comprehend the killing of an innocent person during a vigil for a buddy who was also a victim of gun violence. It is reported that between 2020 and 2021, there was a 130% rise in gun violence in the area.

“Her kids, they didn’t deserve this,” Sophia Husbands, a cousin of Shamilar, remarked. “Why is there so much gun violence? There is no logic to anything they did to her.”

Shalimar’s younger brother, Tatricia Hamilton, too suffered the death of her son three years ago after he was allegedly shot and died. There is still no suspect in the case, and no public names have been released.

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