Schoolgirl critically injured by gunshot in LA Marque home

According to the LA Marque Police Department, a heinous crime has come to light wherein a 17-year-old schoolgirl was shot inside a house situated in the 400 block of Avenue B.

The La Marque Police Department officials have confirmed that the occurrence was indeed a drive-by shooting. However, they have admitted that they were only able to provide a sketchy description of the vehicle involved. Upon investigation, the authorities discovered multiple casings of gun rounds at the site. Although the bullet entered the house from the outside, investigators are still uncertain about the exact motive behind the shooting.

Milly Garcia, a resident living nearby, recounted her terrifying experience of hearing what she believed to be up to thirty gunshots. The sound was not only extremely loud but also too close for comfort, leaving her to mistake them for actual gunfire aimed at their vehicles. Feeling threatened, Garcia wondered if they were about to be robbed, and even feared for their lives, thinking they would be murdered.

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