After almost four decades of operation, renowned dive bar in San Francisco set to shut down

One of the proprietors of Uptown, a popular dive bar and historic establishment situated at the crossroads of 17th and Capp streets, has announced that the bar will be closing down in early January. Uptown first opened its doors on the day after Christmas in 1984 and has since become a well-known fixture in the area.

The bar, situated at 200 Capp St., has been struggling financially ever since the pandemic hit. Despite receiving $200,000 from federal pandemic loans, $10,000 from state resources, and a few minor grants, the establishment’s sales have plummeted, and expenses have soared. Shae Green, one of the seven joint owners, stated that they managed to stay afloat initially, but the funds have since been exhausted.

In early 2020, the pandemic loans that were providing financial support came to an end. Despite this, the rent remained high, and the customers didn’t return as expected. Due to these circumstances, the decision was made to close the bar as its lease is set to expire in January.

In 1984, Ellsworth founded Uptown, just four years after his move to San Francisco from Chicago. With a reputed background in English and philosophy from Oxford, he was a true scholar.

Uptown was granted legacy business status in 2019, which did provide access to some municipal funds. However, the financial aid was not substantial enough to make a significant impact on its operations. Sadly, Uptown’s closure is part of a larger trend, with several longstanding establishments unable to withstand the challenges of the post-pandemic era. The Wooden Nickel, another popular bar located at 15th and Folsom streets, closed its doors earlier this year. In addition, dining establishments like Gracias Madre, West of Pecos, and Rosamunde have either closed or announced their imminent closure in recent months.

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