‘It’s Impossible’: Restaurant Owner Closes Due to $40,000 Electric Bill

Carley Welch’s article was published and updated on an undisclosed date. Due to an exorbitant $40,000 electric bill, a well-known eatery in New Orleans was compelled to close its doors. After receiving a massive bill from Entergy, Eric Cook, the proprietor of Saint John, was issued an ultimatum by the energy company. According to Cook, he had to let go of more than 40 employees and shut down the restaurant.

According to Cook, the closure of the establishment is a significant blow. He expressed his sadness for the staff and loyal patrons who have a deep affection for the place. Furthermore, he acknowledged the impact on the local community, especially those residing in the French Quarter, who have warmly welcomed the establishment. Cook shared his sentiments with WAFB.

According to the outlet, Cook revealed that he has been consistently paying more than $2,000 every month to the energy company. However, he was surprised to receive a bill that he believes came from a meter he was unaware of. Cook stated that he received a fake invoice a few months ago. He couldn’t afford to pay it, so he declined the payment.

Cook explained to WAFB that it is simply impossible to handle such a huge financial burden. In response to Cook’s claims, Entergy provided a statement to the news outlet.

In an effort to resolve the matter, we have attempted to contact the customer and requested their permission to discuss their account. However, we have not received any response from the restaurant ownership. Our intention is to restore their service at the earliest possible opportunity, but we need to have a conversation with the customer first. Our aim is to arrive at a mutually agreed payment plan that is feasible for the customer. This statement reflects our commitment to resolving the issue in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

The restaurant’s official Facebook account recently posted that they were closing down “indefinitely”. However, after further discussions with both the city leaders and the energy company, they announced their reopening just one day later.

According to the post, a productive meeting was held this afternoon with Entergy, Helena Moreno, and Councilman King. The meeting was seen as a positive step towards resolving the issue and gaining a better understanding of how the situation came about.

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