Portsmouth Woman Kathryn Griffin, 43, Disappears After Riding Away on Bike in 2012

When William Perry was only eight years old, his mother vanished without a trace. On January 7, 2012, Kathryn Griffin was at Perry’s Cutz in Portsmouth, Virginia, where she often helped her boyfriend. It was the last place Kathryn was seen before she borrowed her boyfriend’s bicycle and rode away from the shop around noon. William was with his sister, Wilmesha, and his grandmother, Linda Archie, when it all happened. Unfortunately, Kathryn has never been seen or heard from again.

In 2016, William, who was 11 years old at the time, shared with 13 News Now that the last words his mother, Kathryn, said to him were that she loved him and his sister. At that point, Kathryn’s eldest son was attending the University of Arizona. William expressed his sadness over the fact that his mother missed out on many of his birthdays and school events, saying, “I miss my mom, and she missed out on a lot of my birthdays, and a lot of events that happened with me in school, and things like that.”

A Mother Waits By The Phone

Kathryn’s family and friends are certain that she didn’t just abandon her life and children. Linda Archie, Kathryn’s mother, had a close relationship with her daughter and they talked on the phone every day. Despite the passing years, Linda has remained hopeful, but whenever news reports surfaced about the discovery of remains, she couldn’t help but feel anxious that her daughter would be identified.

Linda expressed her doubts saying, “Sometimes I said, ‘Well, Lord, maybe she is gone.’ Maybe somebody did something to her.” She further added that over time, people start believing that their loved ones are gone until some other information comes up.

As per reports, Kathryn Griffin encountered numerous challenges in her life. In the 1990s, she lost her infant son, and later on, she was sentenced to jail for breaching her probation and drug-related charges. During her disappearance, Kathryn’s children were being taken care of by her mother, and she used to stay in touch with them daily. Even though Kathryn had drug-related problems, Linda, her mother, affirmed that her daughter cherished and took care of her family.

Leads Have Run Dry

Despite extensive searches of nearby wooded areas and waterways, investigators have yet to locate the missing 43-year-old woman. While there were reports of Kathryn being spotted at a barbershop and seen riding away on a bicycle days after January 7, these leads have failed to yield any results. Unfortunately, at this time, investigators do not have any new information that could help bring resolution to this case.

Linda expressed her disbelief that her child would be somewhere without contacting them. “I can’t imagine my child putting us through that,” she stated firmly. Meanwhile, William, who was 11 at the time, had already made plans for his next conversation with his mother. “I’ll tell her about my good grades, my good behavior, and how I play the viola,” he said. “If she ever comes back, I’d love to play for her.”

Kathryn Griffin: What To Know

Kathryn Griffin, who went missing, was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 150 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair and brown eyes, and a large scar on her abdomen. During her last sighting, she was wearing a plaid jacket, black smock, and blue jeans. Her loved ones often called her by her middle name, “Bene.” Currently, she would be 53 years old.

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