Police warn woman after smart robbers rob her so fast she doesn’t notice it

An elderly woman was robbed in a local retail store, prompting the arrest of two suspects and the issuance of a public warning about crafty criminals. Denise Wilkin stated, “It occurred that rapidly.”

For a few minutes, she did not even realize she had been plundered. She stated that a pair of deceitful thieves stole her wallet while she was inside the Eastgate Meijer store, but they left her with emotions she did not previously possess.

“Hurt, anger, violated, and even fearful,” Wilkin stated.

Wilkin said a well-dressed woman came up to her inside the store and began a conversation about a sale item.

“I turned around from my shopping cart and showed her the tag, and presumably, it transpired that quickly. I believe she had someone approach me from behind and remove my pocketbook from my purse. “I was unaware,” Wilkin said.

It is to the advantage of the criminal that the victim is oblivious. It affords them the opportunity to begin charging the misappropriated credit cards. Wilkin’s card was initially used at an adjacent Sam’s Club. Within 10 to 15 minutes, the criminals racked up approximately $8,000 in credit card charges, according to Wilkin.

The burglary at the Eastgate Meijer was captured on video, and these images were sent to other Meijer stores along with an alert. The same two suspects were quickly observed at the Meijer in Miami Township, according to the police. The police were dispatched and an arrest was made. Chicago residents Sherman Gibbs Jr. and Junice Stewart are charged with larceny.

Bryan Taylor, a detective in Union Township, stated, “They were most likely looking for another victim.” As the holidays approach, according to Taylor, individuals must be vigilant for cunning criminals.

“These individuals will come in from out of town, and they’ll attack multiple stores, multiple victims. “As soon as they obtain these cards, they will immediately proceed to charge them,” Taylor stated.

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