Police raid Guttenberg home and arrest 2 people, close drug house

Mocobizscene- Authorities said that a Guttenberg home was raided by local, county, and federal law enforcement officers. During the raid, a man and a woman were arrested, and a significant amount of drugs and cash were seized. Additionally, a narcotics manufacturing operation was shut down as a result of the operation.

Guttenberg police have reported that they found a significant amount of drugs and drug-related items during a recent operation. The authorities discovered heroin, along with various prescription pills suspected to be oxycodone, morphine, lamotrigine, hydrochlorothiazide, doxycycline hyclate, and lamotrigine.

They also seized cutting agents commonly used in the manufacturing of controlled dangerous substances, as well as packaging materials typically utilized for packaging and distributing narcotics. In addition, the police found over $22,000, believed to be the proceeds from drug sales.

During the raid, law enforcement officials apprehended Roberto I. Miranda-Delgado, aged 57, and Jaclyn M. Ciaramella, aged 35.

Miranda-Delgado and Ciaramella were charged with multiple drug offenses, which included operating a controlled dangerous substance production facility, distributing heroin, possessing drugs, distributing prescription legend drugs, and engaging in money laundering.

Miranda-Delgado and Ciaramella were placed in the Hudson County jail, awaiting potential detention hearings.

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