Police Officer Suspended Driver Leading To Arrest

BEDFORD — On New Year’s Day, Bedford Police Sgt. Faheem Bade apprehended a Greenwood man who was operating a vehicle on State Road 37 at Salt Creek Bridge with a suspended driver’s license.

After Sgt. Bade launched a traffic stop, Greenwood resident Donald Smoot, 28, pulled over close to John Williams Boulevard.During the conversation with Smoot, who acknowledged not possessing a driver’s license, Sgt. Bade noticed a marijuana stench emanating from the car. Smoot acknowledged using some marijuana earlier in the day and acknowledged that there was marijuana in the car when questioned about the smell.

Sgt. Bade discovered a baggie containing marijuana and a folded $1 bill with meth traces in Smoot’s wallet during a car check.

Smoot was taken into custody and taken to the Lawrence County Jail after being accused of possessing marijuana and meth. Stone City Service and Collision towed his car.

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